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    Competitiveness, competition, Balanced Scorecard, questionnaire survey, SWOT analysis, strategic management, banking institutions. [1]
    competitiveness, competition, competitive advantage, business environment, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, analysis of competition, financial analysis [1]
    Competitiveness, competition, competitive advantage, competitive environment business environment, PESTE analysis, SWOT analysis, industry analysis. [1]
    competitiveness, competition, division of competition, competitive advantage, competitive environment, PEST analysis, SWOT analysis, Porter's five forces model, financial analysis ratios, real estate market [1]
    Competitiveness, DEA method, efficiency, EU Member States, factor analysis [1]
    competitiveness, enterprise, entrepreneurship, Porter s model of competitive forces, Pollak s model of evaluation company vitality, marketing research [1]
    competitiveness, evaluation, indicator, region, method [1]
    competitiveness, family company, evaluation of the viability of the company [1]
    competitiveness, learning, education, development, human resources, educational institutions, strategic education, ICT [1]
    Competitiveness, marketing, consumer behaviour [1]
    Competitiveness, PEST analysis, Porter's five forces analysis, financial analysis, SWOT analysis. [1]
    Competitiveness, PIIGS, debt crisis, Global Competitiveness Index, World Competitiveness Yearbook [1]
    competitiveness, sole trader, small and medium entrepreneurship, competition, PEST analysis, SWOT analysis, Porter five forces analysis [1]
    Competitiveness, strategic analysis, synthesis, potential, PEST analysis, Porter´s Five Forces Analysis, model method GM-TREND. [1]
    Competitiveness, tourism, travel agency, virtuality, virtual organizations, potential [1]
    competitiveness. [3]
    Competitiveness; company; SWOT analysis; PEST analysis; Porter´s theory of competitive advantage [1]
    competitivness [1]
    competitivness, analysis of competitiveness, competitive environment, company environment [1]
    competiton [1]