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    facade [6]
    facade boards [1]
    facade panels Fundermax [1]
    facade with letters [1]
    facilities [1]
    facilities for athletes and spectators [1]
    facilities for the companies [1]
    Facilities for the company [1]
    Facility Management [2]
    Facility management [7]
    facility management [17]
    facility management, CAFM systems, passportization, building administration, pit-FM [1]
    facility management, CAFM systémy, pasportizace, správa budov, pit-FM [1]
    facility management, investiční proces, reprodukce majetku, provozní a investiční firemní strategie, computer-aided facility management (CAFM), AFM, zadávací řízení dle z. č. 137/2006 Sb., o veřejných zakázkách, výběrové řízení, BUILDpower, AUKCE [1]
    facility management, investment process, asset replacement, operational and corporate investment strategies, computer-aided facility management (CAFM), AFM, procurement procedure under the Act No. 137/2006 on public procurement, tender, BUILDpower, AUCTION [1]
    Facility management, Service Plan, Technical Equipment of Buildings, Dedicated Technical Equipment, Region, Contributory Organization [1]
    Facility management, servisní plán, technické zařízení budov, vyhrazená technická zařízení, kraj, příspěvkové organizace [1]
    Facility management, vodovodní síť a řady, technický stav, evidence, rizika, pasportizace, optimalizace [1]
    Facility management, water network and lines, technical condition, accounting, risk passportization, optimization [1]
    facility manager [4]