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dc.contributor.authorMilerski, Osvald
dc.identifier.citationEkonomická revue. 2005, roč. 8, č. 4, s. 52-60.en
dc.description.abstractIn the article the author summarizes the reasons causing that socially orientated regional policy will be hardly maintainable in the EU. Impacts of economic processes globalisation on regional dvelopment the author sees as the main causes of arising situation. Attention is paid to a rising global competition and the emergency of competition new forms. The attention is furthermore paid to the consequences resulting from new states entering the global market since they offered traditional products at considerably lower prices, which has caused a new international labour division. The author also explains a change in localization requirements of economic activities different from those required by the former source-demanding economy and gives reasons why from the standpoint of regional processes the new mechanisms of economy working produce metropolisation. In the conclusion the author points out that as long as the mechanisms shaping the principles of world economy do not change, the regional polarisation will be growing.en
dc.publisherVysoká škola báňská - Technická univerzita Ostravaen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesEkonomická revueen
dc.titleBudou v Evropské unii narůstat regionální rozdíly?en

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