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dc.contributor.authorObalová, Lucie
dc.contributor.authorValášková, Marta
dc.contributor.authorKovanda, František
dc.contributor.authorLacný, Zdenek
dc.contributor.authorKolinová, K.
dc.identifier.citationChemical Papers. 2004, vol. 58, no. 1, p. 33-40.en
dc.description.abstractMixed oxide-based catalysts prepared by thermal decomposition of Ni-(Mg)-M(III) hydrotalcite-like compounds (M(III) = Al, Mn) were used in catalytic decomposition of nitrous oxide in order to describe the catalytic activity of multicomponent catalysts and to study the effect of Mg2+ presence in the catalysts structure. Although the catalytic activity of prepared Ni-Al and Mg-Mn calcined hydrotalcites was high, the simultaneous presence of both transition metal cations Ni2+ and Mn3+ in the catalyst structure caused a decrease of N2O conversion and specific surface area. The N2O conversions decrease with increasing content of Mg in the Ni-Al system and increase in the Ni-Mn system. The rise of Mg content in the catalysts resulted in larger surface area and higher thermal stability of both Ni-(Mg)-Al and Ni-(Mg)-Mn samples. The prepared hydrotalcites as well as calcined products were characterized by the thermal analysis (TG/DTA), powder X-ray diffraction (XRD), and BET surface area measurements.en
dc.publisherChemický ústav Slovenskej akadémie vieden
dc.relation.ispartofseriesChemical Papersen
dc.titleStudy of the catalytic activity of calcined Ni/Mg/Al (Mn) hydrotalcites for N2O decompositionen
dc.identifier.locationNení ve fondu ÚKen

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