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dc.contributor.authorVlček, Jaroslav
dc.contributor.authorPištora, Jaromír
dc.contributor.authorCiprian, Dalibor
dc.contributor.authorYamaguchi, Tomuo
dc.contributor.authorVávra, Ivo
dc.identifier.citationOptica applicata. 2003, vol.33, no. 2-3, 2003, p. 263-271.en
dc.description.abstractThe Kerr reflection is studied on various cases of binary magnetooptical grating with circular dots. The grating schemes proposed correspond to irregular grating preparation. Kerr rotation is calculated using theoretical model based on coupled wave method. The results obtained are compared with experimental data and discussed to find conditions of optimal coincidence.en
dc.publisherPolitechnika Wrocławskaen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesOptica applicataen
dc.subjectmagnetooptical gratingen
dc.subjectKerr effecten
dc.subjectcoupled wave methoden
dc.titleMagnetooptical gratings with circular dotsen
dc.identifier.locationNení ve fondu ÚKen

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