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    Key words: sewerage, water storage tank, gray water, fire water supply, water supply. [1]
    Key words: villa house, wrap, connection, living, flexibility, green [1]
    Keywords Architest studio, slope detached house, ceramic ceiling system Porotherm, glazing system Schuco, storey building [1]
    Keywords Side rake, the main supporting steel structure, numerical model, static assessment, platform, bottom frame rung pulley system. [1]
    Keywords:  public transport  the rail siding network  mining impacts  Ostrava agglomeration  brownfield  tram - Train  investment decision-making [1]
    Keywords: fly-ash [1]
    Keywords: territorial studies, zoning plan, apartment buildings, infrastructure, transport infrastructure. [1]
    Keywords: territory [1]
    Keywords: traffic infrastructure, limits, location, holding, family house, study, technical infrastructure, territory, public space. [1]
    kids [1]
    kindergarden [1]
    kindergarden, passive house, photovoltaic water heating, forced ventilation [1]
    kindergarten [10]
    Kindergarten, Cateria, Reconstruction, Documentation for zoning permit. [1]
    kindergarten, flat roof, sliding shutters, ventilated facade [1]
    kindergarten, flats for the doctors, Vítkovicka nemocnice a. s., flat roof, a box system, glass facade [1]
    kindergarten, mine Oskar, children develop, interconnection [1]
    Kindergarten, technical report, thermo technical assessment, assessment of the level of daylight, energy performance certificate [1]
    kindergartens, building, hygienic device, Ludgeřovice, connection [1]
    king post [1]