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    municipality, city, Zábřeh, budget, tax, charge, tax revenue, trend [1]
    municipality, cooperation of municipalities, financial analysis of voluntary associations, regional development [1]
    Municipality, infrastructure, management, Public Works Road Construction and Maintenance, Technicke Sluzby Zlin [1]
    municipality, local roads, financial management, analysis,comparison, improvement, transport infrastructure, suggestions and recommendations [1]
    Municipality, management of municipality, income and expenditure of the municipality, analysis, comparison. [1]
    Municipality, municipal authorities, generally binding regulation, municipal management, municipal budget, management of city districts of the statutory city of Ostrava, local fee, collection of local fees by city districts of the statutory city of Ostrava [1]
    Municipality, municipality authorities, budget, management, investments, income of the municipality, costs of the municipality, own sources, loan financing, grants, Public Private Partnership. [1]
    municipality, security, comprehensive interpretation, prevention, extraordinary incident, critical situation, risk [1]
    municipality, the municipal authorities, local budget, management analysis of community water systems, wastewater treatment, sewerage, subsidy programs, project financing [1]
    municipality, the municipal authorities, municipality budget, municipalities, utilities, winter stadium [1]
    municipality, voluntary association of municipalities, cooperation of municipalities, economy, forms of municipal cooperation, Microregion Krnovsko [1]
    Municipality, voluntary association of municipalities, investment activity, bicyclepath, fading, subsidy. [1]
    municipality. [1]
    municipality’s competences, primary education, preschool education, founder of the school [1]
    municipality’s economic review [1]
    municipální firma [1]
    municipální rozpočet [1]
    municipální účetní jednotka [1]
    municipial waste [1]
    munition [2]