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dc.contributor.authorKoudelka, Petr
dc.contributor.authorPetrůjová, Bohumila
dc.contributor.authorLátal, Jan
dc.contributor.authorHanáček, František
dc.contributor.authorŠiška, Petr
dc.contributor.authorSkapa, Jan
dc.contributor.authorVašinek, Vladimír
dc.identifier.citationRadioengineering. 2010, vol. 19, č. 1, s. 172-177.en
dc.description.abstractDTS are unique optical-fiber distributed systems for measuring of temperature or mechanical tension. These systems use non-linear properties of optical fibers. Optical fiber can therefore be used not only for telecommunication purposes, as is currently the case, but also as a sensor. Optical fiber used by the DTS system can be therefore imagine as thousands of sensors placed along the route, taking all advantages of optical fiber, such as resistance to electromagnetic radiation, safe use in flammable and explosive environments, resistance to aggressive environments, small sizes, easy installation and maintenance-free operation. The properties of DTS system mentioned above seem to be ideal for detailed mapping of the hydration heat of concrete mix in the transition to a rigid structure. Values based on measurements will be used to better understanding of the processes inside the concrete mixture (individual samples) and will serve to develop better and more durable mixture.en
dc.format.extent2835681 bytescs
dc.publisherVysoké učení technické v Brně. Fakulta elektrotechniky a komunikačních technologií. Ústav radioelektronikyen
dc.rightsŠířeno pod licencí Creative Commons: Uveďte autora 3.0 Unported
dc.subjectoptical-fiber distributed sensing systemsen
dc.subjectnonlinear effectsen
dc.subjecttemperature-profile measurementsen
dc.subjectcement concrete commixtureen
dc.subjecthydration heaten
dc.titleOptical fiber distributed sensing system applied in cement concrete commixture researchen
dc.identifier.locationNení ve fondu ÚKen

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Šířeno pod licencí Creative Commons: Uveďte autora 3.0 Unported
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