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dc.contributor.authorKonečný, Martin
dc.contributor.authorStoniš, Ondřej
dc.contributor.authorŠčurek, Radomír
dc.identifier.citationSborník vědeckých prací Vysoké školy báňské - Technické univerzity Ostrava. Řada bezpečnostní inženýrství. 2012, roč. 7, č. 1, s. 53-58 : il.cs
dc.description.abstractThe article is focused on the characteristics of the public university building (hereinafter the PU) in terms of its physical protection, security risks identifi cation and application of Radio Frequency Identifi cation technology (hereinafter the RFID), as a potential effi cient solution in increasing the level of security in the organization. The RFID technology presents an innovative element of contact-free identifi cation and localization of persons with a specifi c system structure, which includes defi ning a principle of operation of primary components, such as the transponder and the reader. The scope of RFID usability is diverse. However, the article deals with the potential implementation of these systems within the PU premises and as the technical device, focused on signifi cant contribution to risk management and protection of individuals, property or other assets of particular organization.cs
dc.publisherVysoká škola báňská - Technická univerzita Ostravacs
dc.relation.ispartofseriesSborník vědeckých prací Vysoké školy báňské - Technické univerzity Ostrava. Řada bezpečnostní inženýrstvícs
dc.titleProtection of public universities premises via an implementation of radio frequency identification of peoplecs

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