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dc.contributor.authorPacultová, Kateřina
dc.contributor.authorKarásková, Kateřina
dc.contributor.authorKovanda, František
dc.contributor.authorJirátová, Květa
dc.contributor.authorŠrámek, Jaromír
dc.contributor.authorKuśtrowski, Piotr
dc.contributor.authorKotarba, Andrzej
dc.contributor.authorChromčáková, Žaneta
dc.contributor.authorKočí, Kamila
dc.contributor.authorObalová, Lucie
dc.identifier.citationIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 2016, vol. 55, issue 26, p. 7076-7084.cs
dc.description.abstractThe K-doped Co-Mn-Al mixed oxide deN2O catalyst was prepared by calcination of Co-Mn-Al layered double hydroxide, subsequent impregnation with KNO3, and shaping into tablets of 5 mm × 5 mm. Tablets were tested for N2O decomposition in pilot scale reactor connected at the bypassed tail gas from the nitric production plant downstream of the SCR NOx/NH3 catalyst with the aim to perform kinetic measurements. Special attention was paid to study the changes in the catalytic performance, which was monitored using both the long-term catalytic test and the comparison of physical-chemical properties of the fresh and used catalyst. The changes in the surface composition, caused by the time-on-stream operation for 112 days in the pilot reactor, provided stable catalytic performance; average value of N2O conversion of 90 ± 6% at 450 °C was kept (GHSV = 11 000 m3 mbed-3 h-1). The obtained kinetic data were applied in modeling of a full-scale reactor for the N2O emissions abatement and can be used for estimation of the amount of the catalyst necessary for obtaining required N2O conversion in the target plant.cs
dc.publisherAmerican Chemical Societycs
dc.relation.ispartofseriesIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry Researchcs
dc.rightsCopyright © 2016 American Chemical Societycs
dc.subjectnitrous oxidecs
dc.subjectcatalytic decompositioncs
dc.subjectmixed oxide catalystcs
dc.subjectlayered double hydroxidecs
dc.subjectpotassium promotercs
dc.titleK-doped Co-Mn-Al mixed oxide catalyst for N2O abatement from nitric acid plant waste gases: pilot plant studiescs
dc.description.sourceWeb of Sciencecs

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