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dc.contributor.authorRaclavská, Helena
dc.contributor.authorRaclavský, Konstantin
dc.contributor.authorMatýsek, Dalibor
dc.identifier.citationFuel. 2009, vol. 88, issue 11, p. 2247-2254.en
dc.description.abstractInfluence of technology on colour changes of fly ashes was studied in relationships with their chemical and phase composition. Dry bottom boilers at the Detmarovice Power Plant (the Czech Republic) were selected for this study. Combustion tests were performed using mixture of coal and mineral oil residues at the minimum and maximum output of the power plant. Fly ashes for chemical analysis, phase analysis and colour measurements were sampled from the four sections of electrostatic fly ash precipitator. Colour parameters indicate relationships with concentrations of elements which are preferentially bound in silicate matrix. The maximum output of power plant increases the concentration of glass which has decisive influence on values of colour parameters. The changes of colour parameters can indicate the conditions of the technological process. Relationships between colour and constituents of the fly ash are expressed by CIE Lab colour parameters.en
dc.subjectfly ashen
dc.subjectchemical compositionen
dc.subjectphase compositionen
dc.titleColour measurement as a proxy method for estimation of changes in phase and chemical composition of fly ash formed by combustion of coalen
dc.identifier.locationNení ve fondu ÚKen

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